Every one of our accessories is an original reflection of the respective brand. We do not provide copies or standard solutions. Our knowledge of the market, innovative technologies, materials and applications ensures we can develop and produce unique products for our customers.

Yamaha Tenéré tank bag

Functional tank bag for off-road usage

Designed and produced for Yamaha

Vertepac Smart Backpacks

Innovative patented backpack carrying system for the new way of carrying.

Designed and produced for Vertepac

DANE Thermo-clothing

Winner of the test. Due to its high quality bamboo fabric and superb fitting.

Designed and produced for Dane

Kushitani safety vest

World’s first safety vest for motorcycle riders. Meanwhile copied by respected other brands.

Designed and produced for Kushitani

Joolz pram

Since the introduction it has been a hit for young families that want to combine fashion & function.

Designed and produced all the “ fabric related items” for Joolz

DANE waterproof backpack

100% waterproof motorcycle rider backpack.

Designed and produced for Dane

Honda V4 luggage range

Sophisticated and functional bag series for the V4.

Designed and produced for Honda

Volkswagen Golf traveller bag

Light and durable traveller bag for the introduction of the Golf Variant.

Designed and produced for Volkswagen

Dane 3 Layer Softshell

High quality functional 2nd layer jacket.

Designed and produced for Dane

Vertepac Carrying System

Intelligent carrying system with parallel spine technology.

Designed and produced for Vertepac

BMW Motorrad soft bag

Heavy duty rear seat bag.

Developed for BMW Motorrad

Mitsubishi laptop bag

High quality fashionable laptop bag.

Designed and produced for Mitsubishi