Brands are not just defined by their logos and colours, brands are defined by the emotions they evoke. The elements responsible for evoking emotions form the basis of our merchandise. We literally place the core values of the brand in the hands of the target audience.

Touratech Dakar T-shirts

A full range of different type of t-shirts for the its Touratech Dakar event.

Designed and produced for Touratech

Volkswagen R-collectie

A whole range of sportive and fashionable merchandise products that reflects the VW R-series.

Designed and produced for Volkswagen

Yamaha Sleutelhanger Met Draaiend TF Logo

The tuning fork brand logo can be rotated around its axis.

Designed and produced for Yamaha

YANMAR Shackle

A charistic sailor key chain reflecting its consumer marine segments of the brand.

Designed and produced for Yanmar