Our Origins

Project001 was established by Jeroen Janssen in 2002 to develop custom-made accessories, merchandise and campaign products for brands that want something that is not readily available for their campaign. At that time Jeroen was a partner in a design company that produced accessories and campaignproducts for corporate brands and advertising agencies, but he believed the products should be based on the core brand values and image. Jeroen applied his broad production experience in Asia and Europe to create Project001,  a full service product design and manufacturing company that provides unique campaign products. Project001 designs, develops and produces premium custom-made products for for brands in various industries.


We believe that a physical representation of a brand should evoke emotions. It works better than an advertisement, a poster or even a TV commercial can. Every brand is different, has its own identity which can inspire a unique accessory, promotional products and merchandise.


The production process is not outsourced. We are in control from the first sketch to final delivery. This means we only present a concept, design or product when it can actually be realized. We test all materials in certified laboratories and monitor the production process.

We cooperate with factories which produce in accordance with ISO standards and a team member inspects the production at site.

All product aspects must meet our strict quality requirements as well as all applicable legislation and regulations before we deliver to our customers through an AEO certified supply chain.


We design, develop and produce inspiring custom-made accessories and promotional products to connect brands to their audience. Brand design and industrial design are combined to produce premium products which cannot be found anywhere else.

For whom?

Project001 works for customers who want something special, something that is not readily available. Customers who understand that the standard promotional products do not make them stand out. We cooperate with our customers to develop creative, unique high-quality accessories, promotional products or merchandise products which their target group will eagerly receive. We work for customers who operate on a small or large, national or international market. Customers who understand that being unique is the way forward.

We cooperate with advertisement companies and marketing departments of brands in their search for merchandise and products that support their campaigns. We also design and develop accessories for product-development departments.