Every one of our accessories is an original reflection of the respective brand. We do not provide copies or standard solutions. Our knowledge of the market, innovative technologies, materials and applications ensures we can develop and produce unique products for our customers.


Campaigns are the perfect opportunity to bring the physical manifestation of a brand to its target audience. All our products are custom-made. We can convert your campaign message, whether it is a product launch, a loyalty programme or something totally different, into a tangible asset. These promotional products are not an addition but a valuable resource.


Brands are not just defined by their logos and colors, brands are defined by the emotions they evoke. The elements responsible for evoking emotions form the basis of our merchandise. We literally place the core values of the brand in the hands of the target audience.

BMW Motorrad soft bag

Heavy duty rear seat bag.

Developed for BMW Motorrad

Mitsubishi laptop bag

High quality fashionable laptop bag.

Designed and produced for Mitsubishi


DANE reflecting backpack

Motorcycle backpack for high visibility.

Designed and produced for Dane

Yamaha R1 Merchandise

a range of support products in which the characteristics of the R1 translates in sit.

Designed and produced for Yamaha

Bakfiets hood

Functional foldable hood.

Designed and produced for the Bakfiets

Thriumph Flag

Event flag to members of the distinguish gentlemen's ride event.

Designed and produced for Thruimph

Volkswagen Beetle GSR running clothing

Functional series of running clothing.

Designed for Volkswagen

Honda Inner bag

Luxurious inner bag made for rear cases.

Designed and produced for Honda

Mitsubishi Motor travelling bag set

Set of different travel bags in Royal Napa leather.

Designed and produced for Mitsubishi Motors

MotoPort mug

Porcelain Winter Campaign mug.
Designed and produced for Motoport

WD40 working gloves

2 function glove for workshop usages.

Produced for WD40

Suzuki Horloge Met Carbon Wijzerplaat

Premium quality watch that enhance the sportiness that brand Suzuki wants to convey.

Designed and produced for Suzuki car & motorcycle