We always operate from the client’s desired positioning and key
insight in the target audience. We observe, identify behavioral
patterns and based on those patterns, generate ideas. To do
this, we first sit down together with you in the analysis phase to
determine the project’s framework; what you brand stands for,
whats your goals are and what moves your target consumer to
interact with you company. From this starting point, we move
into the concept development phase



Based on your request, we present you with a wide range of
product concepts. Upon presentation of our ideas,
we’ll provide the relevant reference materials as well.
Through these mood board we enable you to experience
our vision instead of merely describing it to you.
Combined with the design, this will give you a concrete
view on the end product and its emotional added value.
At this stage we also provide you with a cost estimate for production.
As soon as we have determined the optimal conceptual route together,
we move into the development stage.



In the development phase we make the transition from technical
drawing to physical product. Depending on the complexity
of the design, we will produce a sample based on 2D or 3D
CAD-drawings. As we have both the expertise and equipment
for this ourselves, we are able to control and direct the development
process efficiently and independently from third parties.



We work directly with a large number of specialist
manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Through this
direct contact we can guarantee you the desired end result.
Furthermore, we employ independent institutions
to ensure our products are manufactured in a socially
responsible way; a seal of quality each Project001 product carries.



Project001 takes care of the whole package of transportation.
This means: worldwide transport from and to all the big harbors,
the specification of import duties on all products,
all relevant legislation regarding safety and the environment,
all current transfers (traffic) and forwarding,
active approval as well as the demanded delivery instructions.