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“Custom made is our DNA”

Empowering brands with strong creations is our goal.
Every brand has its own characteristics; therefore, we mix product design and brand design for each brand into unique creations.

For over 20 years Project001 supports mobility brands in a wide scale of cases and developments in general. As a partner we work with diverse new and established brands.

Offering custom made solutions is our core business.

From automotive to mobility

Originally operating in the auto and motorcycle industry we have expended into all types of travelling. The current automotive industry is changing into a mobility market. Project001 is experienced in creating products for a wide variety of mobility concepts such as Bikes, Cargo bikes, Motorcycles, Scooters, Cars, Trucks, Electrical vehicles, and personal mobility such as exoskeletons.

From the start Project001 grew up in the mobility market. The main reason is because automotive brands are looking to make themselves stand out from the rest.
Project001 delivers the desired mix of brand design and product design for various target groups.

That’s why the mobility segment is our main market.

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