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Sustainable alternatives we can offer

We also work with suppliers that are able to deliver a product that doesn’t contain virgin fossil oil. It consists 100% of renewable and recycled material that can be used to reduce the need for fossil oil-based material in the production of climate-friendlier polymers and chemicals. 

In short: Sustainable alternatives can be offered for fabrics, plastics, and foams.


100% renewable

The renewable components are produced from 100% bio-based raw materials, primarily waste and residue oils and fats, such as used cooking oil. The component may consist of renewable hydrocarbons in a liquid form or gaseous renewable propane. They only accept sustainably produced renewable raw materials. Working only with suppliers who produce renewable products at their own facilities.


100% recycable

The recycled component of our suppliers consists of chemically recycled plastic waste. Chemical recycling enables to use plastic waste that cannot be recycled mechanically, such as colored, multi-layered, or multi-material packaging and films, for example

Based on sustainable design, Project001 is permanently searching for alternatives to support the environment and brands.

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